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Bonds Issues


Bonds Issues


  • JTSEC VAR/2028

    Name JTSEC VAR/2028
    ISIN SK4000022950
    Total issue volume 30 000 000 EUR
    Issue date 30/05/2023
    Issued by JTSEC Financing I a. s.
    Interest rate Variable* (min. 3,25 % p.a.)
    Maturity 30/05/2028
    Repaid No

    *(6M EURIBOR + 3,25 % p.a.)

Bonds Issues


  • JTSEC F. 1 8,25/28

    Name JTSEC F. 1 8,25/28
    ISIN CZ0003552929
    Total issue volume CZK 1 500 000 000
    Issue date 27/09/2023
    Issued by JTSEC CZ Financing I, a.s.
    Interest rate 8,25 % p. a.
    Maturity 27/09/2028
    Repaid No